《越狱》语言文化要点讲解 第3季

《越狱》语言文化要点讲解 第3季第1集
1. cut it
大使馆职员:If you want someone who can really do something, you’re gonna have to wait for the consul. He gets in in the morning. I’m sorry.
Linc: That ain’t gonna cut it.
Cut it: 这里用在否定结构中,表示Be effective, prove satisfactory,等于cut the mustard, 意为符合要求,让人满意。
用在肯定结构里,cut it指stop,比如I won’t stand for that–cut it!
2. – With the canal, Panama is now a breeding ground for international crime.27 different nationalities we have here. But not one gang. Not one racially-motivated incident. Huh? It’s just, me. Egalitarianism I believe is the word. Huh? Did I get that right?
– Right as rain.
breeding ground指发源地,中心,原词并没有贬义。这里可以翻译成滋生地。有贬义的是hotbed 常指犯罪的温床。
right as rain 十分正确
3. – I got a lot of big guns behind me, Mr. Scofield, people you might like to have in your corner should you ever decide, say, to break out of here.
– Who are you?
– We can assist you in every possible way once you get past that wall. There’s a reason a guy like you, with your skill set, was put in here, you know.
– This conversation’s over.
– You ought to hear what I have to say, Scofield. We’re trying to do this the easy way.
big gun 指有影响力的重要人物。这句可以翻译成“我上头有人”^_^
the easy way 不是指容易 而是指来软招。来硬招叫the hard way。

4. – What the hell are you doing taking my stash? Cough it up, you little bitch.
– I didn’t do it.
– Where is it? Where is it?
– It wasn’t me.
– Hey! You know the rules about extra-curricular fights! It doesn’t happen here.
– He took something that belongs to me.
– He’s out of his mind.
– Well, it seems pretty easy to get to the bottom of this– check him. Check his area.
– That’s bull.
– You’re both scumbags.
– You and me, man. We’re not done here.
cough up 强迫交出,被迫交出 这句有点汉语“吐也得给我吐出来”的味道。
get to the bottom of sth. 弄清真相
scumbag指恶棍 坏人
We’re not done here这里指“这事还没完”。又比如I’m not done with you.“这事我跟你没完。”
5. – Someone’s thrown the glove down on you. The gauntlet, right?
– Yeah, except we both know I didn’t take those drugs.
– I’m not the judge.
– I don’t deal in the claims people make. I just make sure the rules are followed. And the rules say all grievances are dealt with two men in a ring, a fight.
throw down the gauntlet/glove 习语,指挑战某人
《越狱》语言文化要点讲解 第3季第2集
1. – Why us?
– I’ll answer that question so we can put it to bed and you can focus on your work. There’s a political spotlight on Whistler due to the nature of his crime. Raids, bribes, what have you, are not an option. We have to go in through the back door, so to speak.
put sth. to bed指to finish dealing with something。
back door 后门也,通过秘密途径手段。
so to speak 可以说 可谓。常常暗指说话人只是在提供一种表达,也许他人觉得这个说法并不准确。
2. – I never had her!
– At that house in Mexico, I chased your aunt and Maricruz off. I told them I’d lock ’em up for accessory if they didn’t hightail it. I swear to god.
– And the crucifix?
– I ripped it off Maricruz before she ran. There was no phone in that dump, so I knew you wouldn’t be able to call from the road to…to make sure I wasn’t lying. I-I conned you.
accessory 原指配件(比如手机电池、底座等) 这里指帮凶、从犯、窝藏犯。
hightail it 【口语】迅速离开跑开。类似的表达还有beat it。
con 这里是动词指欺诈,欺骗。常说的骗子就是指con,骗子中的高手一般说con artist。
3. – Michael’s locked up.
– For what?
– I don’t know. I’m sorting it through. I could use your help. We’re in A…we’re in a bad spot.
– Uh, I feel for you, man, but I’m done with bad spots. I’m going to go see Maricruz.
– I just talked to my cousin Petey, and he told me she’s back over in Chicago.
– Hey, you’re still wanted in Chicago, remember?
– I’ll figure something out.
sort through 理清 理顺 明白来龙去脉。这里Linc在说他也不知道Michael为何突然被捕的具体原由,还在慢慢了解中。
could use是口语固定表达,并不是表示过去。意指need, want。比如I’m thirsty. I could use some water。
in a bad spot 意思是in a bad situation,处在困境中。
wanted 被警方通缉的。《变形金刚》里有一句She’s a criminal. Criminals are hot.  这里的hot是双关语,一方面指女主角非常性感(hot),另一方面hot也指被警方通缉。
figure out 计算出 想出 理解.很多动词加out都有成功完成的含义,比如work out, sort out。
4. – No sooner do I tell you to stick to the plan than you go and hassle Whistler’s girlfriend. You need to quit playing Sherlock Holmes and leave her alone.
– Why?
– ’Cause I said so. How about that?
– All right. How about you beat it, so I can get to work?
– I will as soon as you give me what you took from her.
– I took nothing from her.
– I got a gallon of bleach, a tarp and a hacksaw in the trunk of my car. One hour, tops– you’re off the face of the earth.
no sooner…than…一…就… no sooner后面的句子要用倒装。
Sherlock Holmes 名侦探福尔摩斯。这里意思是让Linc不要再装私家侦探自己暗中调查。
leave sb alone 不去打扰某人。比如你很烦躁,别人偏偏要和你说话,然后你可以说Could you just leave me alone for a minute?
beat it 前面已经学习过了 回顾一下哈。
off the face of the earth这句拽的很——从地球上消失。学习一下这句地道表达吧。
fight dirty 玩阴的,下黑手
《越狱》语言文化要点讲解 第3季第3集
1. I want to help. But it seems like it’s only getting deeper and deeper. Look, I just, I just want money to get back on my feet and that’s it, Linc.
deep 在这里的意思 接近汉语说的“这淌浑水很深”,形容事情非常复杂多变,牵涉到很多人。另外deep还可以指高深的,难以理解的。
get on one’s feet 字面意思是站起来 比喻意思就比较多了
    康复 The patient is on her feet again.
非常稳定,正常的运转状态put the business back on its feet after years of mismanagement
2. – I think it’s time you made good on all the bad you’ve done, Theodore. You and me, we’re going to make a deal. Lechero has a cell phone. I need it.
– No problem. Shall I turn water into wine while I’m at it?
make good  补偿 弥补
turn water into wine在约翰福音第二章中,记载了主耶稣在地上传道的日子,所行的第一个神迹。那就是在迦拿的婚宴上,把水变成酒。T-bag在这里想表达这种神迹只有耶稣才办得到 让我帮你搞到Lechero的手机无异于让我把水变成酒一样 是不可能办到的。
这里at用法表示正在从事,做某事。这里的it指搞到Lechero的手机。类似的比如While we are on the subject, why did You go there?既然我们谈到这事了,就得问问你为什么会去那。
3. – Maybe give the guy’s mother a good rodgering?
– She’d be a little old for your tastes, no?
– Careful, pretty. Don’t bite the hand you trying to get fed out of.
– I’m not looking for food. I’m looking for a favor.
rodgering 俚语 指have sex.
bite the hand you trying to get fed out of 出自习语bite the hand that feeds (one) 字面意思是有人喂你吃 结果你忘恩负义咬人家的手,后来这个习语就指对别人的慷慨和善良不但不感激,反而伤害别人,忘恩负义。
这两句的翻译也有点说道。T-bag说Don’t bite the hand you trying to get fed out of,结果Michael说I’m not looking for food. I’m looking for a favor。如果为了顺着Michael的那个food而把T-bag的一句按照字面意思直译为” 有人喂你吃 结果你忘恩负义咬人家的手”,一来显得罗嗦太长,二来意思反而不明显。如果T-bag的那句意译为“忘恩负义”,后面Michael的那个food直译为“吃的”,两句就显得前言不搭后语,莫名其妙。我在翻译这段时有了个变通之法,处理如下:“不要忘恩负义啊!”“我要的不是义,而是恩。”总算既明白又简洁,稍微也保留了点原文的文字游戏。
4. – I’ve got a guy in, in here, his name is Michael Scofield and, and he will testify that he set me up and that he put the drugs on the boat.
– Which will all be taken into consideration…
– A year from now!
– I’m going to have to ask you to calm down, Mr.Mahone.
– It’s open and shut. It’s a no-brainer for you.
set sb. up 设计陷害某人
take…into consideration 把…考虑在内
be open and shut 习语,一目了然的:十分清晰以至于不会带来任何困难的;容易解决或作出决定的. 比如
The police think the case is open and shut: five witnesses saw the man stealing the car. It’s going to take a lot of work to deal with this problem. It certainly isn’t an open-and-shut matter.
no-brainer: Something so obvious to be correct/appropriate, that it requires no contemplation to decide on. 俚语,名词,指根本就不必用脑去想都能明白的事。(和“我用脚趾头都能想的出来”有异曲同工之妙哦)比如 The exam is a no-brainer. 这次考试闭了眼也能答出。
5. – I asked you for privacy.
– Just came in here to, to… thank you for giving me a hand up in here, but if it’s all the same, I’d just like to be relieved of my duties.
– What are you talking about?
– There’s some, um… loyalty issues going on, and I do not want to end up torn between my fidelity to you and the reality of having to keep my nose clean. I’ve been around long enough to know that when the dominoes start falling, it’s the new guy that gets blamed for bumping the table.
– You better stop spinning and start talking straight.
relieve 这里指“解除义务职责”,后接of。
fidelity 忠实,逼真,保真度。高保真hi-fi就是high-fidelity
keep one’s nose clean 指to avoid getting into trouble or doing anything illegal. 远离是非,不惹麻烦。比如I’d only been out of prison three months so I was trying to keep my nose clean.
spin指to tell a story,但常常暗指事情故事非常曲直复杂,所以老大叫T-bag不要再拐弯抹角编故事了,而是talk straight,直说,别故弄玄虚。
《越狱》语言文化要点讲解 第3季第4集
1. -Threatening the brother of the guy who’s supposed to get you out of here might not be the smartest move.
- I’m not threatening–we’re on the same team. But if we play games with that book, people who want me out of here will take action against us all.
- I never worry about action, only inaction.
- Churchill 101.
on the same team同一个队,意思是一伙的,一起的。类似的有in the same boat
I never worry about action, only inaction 是丘吉尔的原话
Churchill 101 101这个数字要提及一下。美国很多大学开设的入门或者基础级别的课程代码一般为101或者1001或者1010,所以后来101就被代指一切入门的知识,很多图书都取名XX 101,比如Biology 101就是指生物学入门。这里是说对丘吉尔的一些基本了解,可以处理成“丘吉尔教的”。
2. – The water pipes are inside the prison. The electrical lines are probably running underground along an exterior wall, which means they’re out there somewhere in no-man’s-land.
– So, you can fix the power?
– Last I checked, they shoot prisoner who go out there. So I’m thinking the answer is no.
no man’s land 源自军事术语,指冲突双方由于顾忌不愿主动侵占或者拥有的区域,这一区域于是便无人管理,无人过问,自然也无人了。
last I checked或last time I checked 字面意思 上次我核实过,说话人用来提醒对方某一确定的事实,比如Last time I checked, the Earth still revolves around the Sun. 再如Last time I checked, 9/11 happened in America, not Sweden.
3. – Don’t make me tell anyone what I know.
– What is it you think you know?
– Somebody called the company wanted you in here to work with that whistler guy. Am I warm?
– What’s the company? What do they want with whistler?
– I don’t know, but you do.
– Doesn’t sound like you know much after all.
– I don’t need to know how to change a diaper to know when it stinks to high hell.
warm这里的用法要特别留神 在玩某些游戏中,即将发现、猜中或找到某物时 我们会提示说warmer, warmer,指你越来越接近要找的东西或者猜的事实了。相反地,如果离目标越来越远,就说colder, colder。所以在这里Bellick是说“我说的靠谱吗?”
I don’t need to know how to change a diaper to know when it stinks to high hell 这句特别好玩,字面意思“不是等到尿布臭气熏天了,我才知道怎么换尿布”,这里的意思就是说 不用等到事情完全曝光了,我才知道怎么回事;只需一些端倪线索就可以知道不少内情。
4. – Without them, he’ll self destruct. It’s just a matter of time.
– And if he doesn’t?
– I’ll string him along, tell him what he wants to hear, and then I’ll cut him loose.
– How do I know you’re not going to do the same thing to me?
– You don’t.
self destruct 自毁
a matter of time 只是时间上的问题,迟早的事
string sb along 这里指to cheat/deceive sb 欺骗某人
cut sb loose 摆脱某人
5. – Look, I know you’re a busy man, but I wanted to tell ya. I don’t know exactly what he’s doing, but Michael Scofield’s taking you for a ride.
– No, cerdo, I don’t think so.
– Listen, I heard him talking about escape yesterday– about breaking outta here.
– It’s he’s talking about escape, why are you here telling me and you’re not going with him, eh?
– I would if he’d let me, but he’s already cut me out.
– He says he’s square, but I know the son of a bitch is up to something.
take sb for a ride也是指to cheat/deceive sb 很象赵本山的“忽悠”一词
cut sb out 这里指排除某人,不让某人参与
square这里意思是 诚实的 honest
6. – When Lechero is in a better mood, I’m going to put in a good word, help you, how you say, move up the ladder.
– I appreciate it, compadre, but I was always taught that God helps those that help themselves.
put in 指插话,put in a good word指 (为某人)说几句好话
move up the ladder字面意思爬楼梯。这里把社会地位比作楼梯,在上的社会地位高,在下的社会地位低,所以move up the ladder自然就是要高升,人往高处走嘛
7. – You are breathing only by my grace, Michael.
– Now, you remember the next time that you’re going to send me on a goose chase.
grace 这里指恩赐,恩惠。原指上帝的恩惠
goose chase或wild-goose chase 指白费力气的追逐,徒劳的搜寻。原意指“由一匹领跑的马带领一群马,按照一定的距离排成野鹅飞行时的队形奔跑前行”,现在已经没有这个意思。
8. i don’t want to get involved in this mess.
9. I’m not your errand boy.

《越狱》语言文化要点讲解 第3季第6集
-You said you knew him from Nice. Is that true?
- You calling me a liar now?
- He says you’re full of it.
- He said he was never an ambassador.
- No, not an ambassador, the Ambassador. I was concierge at the Ambassador Hotel. I could’ve sworn he worked there for a few months. Who the hell knows, huh? I was high half the time. Kind of why I got fired. Kind of why I’m in here.
- What was he up to in Nice?
- What?
- You writing a book?
full of it 的it是指bullshit,由于这个词不文雅,故用it来代替,full of bullshit/it是指一个人满嘴胡说
not an ambassador, the Ambassador 体现不定冠词和定冠词之间的区别了。an不定冠词指示的不确定,这里是一位大使;the Ambassador就是特指了,这里指酒店名字。
concierge 源自法语,指宾馆旅店门口的接待员,帮客人搬运行李,收发信件,送报纸等。
-Every day between 1:00 and 2:00, he takes his lunch break. He gets a cup of coffee. You need to find out where and put something in that cup. Make sure he’s unconscious during the escape.
- You’re dropping this on me with three hours to go?
- I don’t know what to tell you.
- 3:13?
- 3:13 is when it starts. We’ll be on the beach by 3:25.
- In broad daylight.
drop 原指落下,这里指有意无意说出提供,有点汉语”把任务扔给某人”的意思。比如He dropped the assignment on me last minte.
go这个小词的用法非常灵活,学习者时常感到头痛。这里指时间距离等消逝,经过,还可以接事件活动,表示还剩下多少。例如 I’ve read most of this book with three chapters to go. / We are already halfway there, just one more hour to go.
in broad daylight 光天化日之下,大白天。比如It was a murder in broad daylight on a small-town Main Street that was witnessed by up to four dozen people.
- What have you found out?
- A thing like this takes time. I can’t just walk up to them and say, “hey, whoever’s been betraying Lechero, raise your hand.” You know?
- I asked you to be my ears in this prison, and you hear nothing?
- All I know is every time I try and sit down and begin sussing things out, Sammy always changes the subject. Not that I’m saying he’s the guy, but…
- I don’t want to hear your theories. I want results.
be my ears in this prison 这句和汉语一样,做我在牢中的耳目,根据语境也可以说be my eyes
suss out 调查弄明白,发现=figure out
not that这里是指倒不是说,并不是因为,后面有时继续接but that(而是因为) 比如Not that I’m being rude here, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.
要注意的是英语里有不少固定搭配以not that开头,并非是我们这里讲的意思,只是形式上恰好一样而已。比如 Not that I know of 就是固定表达,指“据我所知事情不是这样的”
I don’t want to hear your theories. I want results.这句特别有意思,和汉语类似表达有着异曲同工之妙——“别跟我摆一套又一套的理论,我要看到结果。”
- I was in the neighborhood.
- You came all this way to visit?
- I came to get you out of here. I can have you in Schaum correctional facility in 48 hours. In St. Louis. Sullins wanted a medium security, but, uh, I talked him down.
- What sort of deal is he getting me? 25 years? Life?
- The director’s giving us a lot of latitude in exchange for testimony against the government in the Lincoln Burrows conspiracy. So… how does eight years sound? Soon as Sullins finishes up, we can have a van ready…
- I don’t think so.
- What?
- I appreciate the effort, your effort, but, um, I can’t do eight years.
correctional facility 这里的correctional来自动词correct不是指纠错改正,而是指对犯人的改造。所以correctional facility就是劳改所,也算的上对监狱一种委婉的说法。
talk sb down 使(某人)安静无话可说,尤指通过大声地或不可争辩地说话来达到这一目的;如果要表达说服某人做某事,可以用talk sb into sth/doing sth; 说服某人不做某事,则是talk sb out of sth/doing sth.
appreciate 感谢感激,这个词和thank有一个用法上的重要区别:appreciate其实指thank someone
- You know what, if I’m the one who doesn’t make it, and you really want to do me a favor, just hold up your end of the bargain.
- I’ll do everything I can.
- I hope that’s true.
- How’s that knot coming?
- There. Did I pass your test? I told you I’m a fisherman.
- Where are we?
- I found a cell that’ll get us into no-man’s-land.
hold up your end of the bargain 这里的hold up等于keep,end原指东西的末端,那么一个bargain(=deal)至少有两方达成,所以your end of the bargain字面意思是协议的你那一头,其实就是说你在协议中所应承担的义务,因此hold up/keep one’s end of the bargain指遵守哪一方的诺言承诺
come又是一个让人头痛的小词,这里指事情进行 比如How are things coming today? They’re coming fine.
where are we 这句地道英语也要好好学习一下。在英语(其实还有很多其他语言)里,人们都会把一些抽象的活动事件看作具体的,比如剧中这个场景,Alex询问越狱前的准备如何了,就好比把准备工作这个抽象活动看作一个具体的事件,好比一个人在走路,需要从A地到达B地,到达了就完成目标了,事情就完成了,因此用Where are we这个字面意思为“我们到哪了”来询问目前抽象活动的现状。这种抽象事件具体化的思维方式到处可见,比如A和B谈话,中途A接了电话,通话结束后,A问Where were we? 就是在问“我们刚才谈到哪里了?”细心的人就会发现汉语也是这种思维(“我们刚才谈到哪里了?”)
- Maybe now we should start worrying about who the real killer is, huh?
- Yeah, but in this place, there could be a hundred people on that list.
- Except I’m thinking a single stab wound to the base of the neck looks pretty professional, Alex.
- I was in visitation, Kojak. And what makes you so sure that Whistler didn’t do it? He’s the one that had the run-in with the guy.
- No, he’s got too much to lose.
visitation 这里指探监,除了这个意思外在父母离婚时,法官经常会判定孩子归谁照顾,另一方则可以探望孩子,这种情况下的探视也是visitation。
Kojak 指的是Theo Kojak。1973年至1978年CBS电视台曾播出一个犯罪侦探剧叫做Kojak,讲述的是纽约市警察局一位名侦探Theo Kojak屡破大案的故事。
run-in 指口角,冲突。
- Once the special prosecutor clears you, you’ll be on your way.
- What about a special prosecutor?
- You stand in front of a guy, you, you tell your story and he determines if you’re gonna be a useful and credible witness. It’s a formality.
- “It’s a formality”? This is just a formality?
- You know, if it were up to me, you could rot in here for the rest of your life. But the Justice Department is extremely motivated to get to the bottom of this President Reynolds business.
- Alex, this is a hundred percent aboveboard.
clear 这里是动词 指开释,澄清嫌疑:脱离法律上的指控或不实罪名;宣判无罪 比如 cleared the suspect of the murder charge
What about a special prosecutor? 这句很容易翻译错误(字幕组就翻译错了…)如果不考虑特殊重音和语境,what about一般用来提出建议的,XXX怎么样?但是这里根本不是也不可能是这个意思。我们从2个方面来看这句话,首先从上下文来看,提出引渡Alex的条件,但是必须要见一位特别起诉人,只要他认为Alex无罪就可以了。但是这个条件之前并没有和Alex提起,Alex觉得有点蹊跷,于是问What about a special prosecutor? 显然不是在提建议,而是在质问这个什么特别起诉人是怎么回事?其次,仔细听Alex说话就会发现这句的重音和提建议的那种不一样,这句中what about是重读,意在强调究竟怎么回事,什么情况,什么来头,而提建议的是建议部分重读。所以这句应该翻译为“特别起诉人是怎么回事?”或者“怎么又冒出个特别起诉人?”
get to the bottom of…字面意思到达…的底部,意指弄清…真相 (有点“打破砂锅问到底”噢)
above board原为一赌博术语,指当赌博者的手放在木板或赌博桌上面时就无法欺骗,比如在桌子下面换牌。后来引申为光明正大的,坦率的 顺便补充几个同义反义习语 on the table 同样表示光明正大的(在桌子上嘛);反义under the table;sub rosa/under the rose(来自于以前开会时悬挂起一支玫瑰以示秘密性的风俗习惯)都表示秘密地,不公开地的
《越狱》语言文化要点讲解 第3季第7集1.
-They want to confirm that you have viable incriminating information and that you can be a cooperative witness.
- If I cooperate fully… I won’t just be incriminating them.
- You’re worried about all those skeletons in your closet, but you have full immunity.
incriminating incriminate 指To cause to appear guilty of a crime or fault; implicate 比如testimony that incriminated the defendant
skeletons in your closet 源自英语习语skeleton in one’s closet 字面意思是衣柜里的骷髅,后来指家庭或者个人隐藏起来的丑事
- You’ve actually got the guts to look me in the eye as you stab me in the back. What are you going to do, shoot me?
- Don’t.
- I can’t let you hand over James to those people.
guts 俚语,胆量,勇气 比如You don’t have the guts to kill me.
stab sb in the back字面意思指在某人背后扎一刀 引申为背叛(某人)或辜负其信任
hand over 转交,移交
- Well, if they had such a head start, why are you so far behind?
- Listen, do you want me to talk to you or drive?
- I want you to put whistler on the phone.
- What?
- Put him on.
- He’s in the trunk.
- But, if you feel that strongly about it, I can pull over and you two can have a nice little talk. If we’re real lucky, maybe some cops will swing by. I’m sure they’d like a word, too.
head start 源自体育用语 抢先:在赛跑中先于其他竞争对手出发,后来泛指领先于他人行动
put sb on (the phone) 指让某人接听电话
pull over这里指把车辆停靠到路边
swing by 这里指drop by
word这里的用法要注意 have a word with sb 指talk to sb
- So let me get this straight. Sullins sends you to be good cop?
- That’s not what this is.
- There never was a deal, was there? Sullins just wants me to confess so he can bring me up on more charges back in the States.
- The deal is legit.
- The hearing was supposed to be an hour after we left the prison, and I’m still waiting. So why don’t you just come clean, Felicia, huh? For old times’ sake? How about it?
- How about you do me the same courtesy, Alex? I’m not blind. My brother was a user. I can smell the stuff a mile away.
get sth straight 弄明白,搞清楚。比如Let me get this straight. So you are going there alone?
good cop 字面意思是好警察 在很多影视剧里我们都常见到一个场景—— 嫌疑人关在审讯室里,进来两个警察,一个专门说好话,提出各种诱人减刑交易,而另一位则专门大吼大叫,威胁对方如果不招就会咋样咋样,所以前一位被称作good cop,后一位被称作bad cop,翻译成汉语就是我们熟悉的“一个唱红脸,一个唱白脸”
bring sb up 指带某人到法庭受审
legit 是legitimate的简写
be supposed to do sth应当做某事 如果用于过去时 就表示原本应当做某事,暗指实际上未能完成 比如He was supposed to be here at 3 o’clock, but it is 4 o’clock now.
come clean 意思是to confess all 全盘托出,全部招供
for old times’ sake  for the sake of…看在…的份上 for old times’ sake则指“看在老交情的份上”
do sb a courtesy = do sb a favor
user在英语里可以专指 吸毒者 另外顺便介绍一下对毒品几种常见说法 首先是最熟悉的drug; 此外还有substance;marijuana,weed,joint=大麻;heroin=海洛因;morphine=吗啡;opium=鸦片;methamphetamine/meth,crystal=甲基苯丙胺,脱氧麻黄碱,俗称冰毒 (一种神经毒素,导致大脑多巴胺能系统的紊乱,是普通毒品杀伤力的两倍,不但能使人的身体机能在几年之内迅速老化,而且最厉害的是可以对人的大脑造成无法弥补的伤害);MDMA (methylenedioxyamphetamine)=俗称摇头丸;LSD(Lysergic Acid Diethylamide 麦角酸二乙基酰胺)=俗称摇脚丸或一粒沙; PCP(pentachlorophenol 五氯酚)=俗称天使尘;cocaine=可卡因
- Now I used to tell them a story– I believe in your country they call it, “the boy who cried wolf.” You know it? Well, then you know the moral of that story is even when liars tell the truth, they can never be believed. But your life’s on the line, boy.
the boy who cried wolf 这个就是“狼来了”的故事啦 英语有专门搭配叫cry wolf 比如Helen’s always crying wolf about attempted break-ins, but the police can never find any evidence.
moral 这里是名词 指故事的寓意
on the line 这里指in jeopardy, You life is on the line就是说 你的命悬一线,危在旦夕。有个真正是“悬一线”的习语叫hang by a thread/hang by a hair,指Be in a risky or unstable situation 比如 With the lead actor sick, the success of our play hung by a hair.
- Is there anything that we can do to help speed things up? When a genie grants you a wish you don’t really tell him to make it snappy. This hearing needs to happen today.
speed sth up 加速,加快
genie 精灵 就是《天方夜谭/一千零一夜故事》(Arabian Nights也叫The Thousand and One Nights)故事里阿拉丁(Aladdin)的神灯里那位精灵,能够实现别人的愿望(grant sb a wish)
snappy 快速的,迅速的,干脆的
《越狱》语言文化要点讲解 第3季第8集
- Carter blue label. You always had such high-end taste for a girl from Wheeling. Since I paid for it. You know how much I hate to travel, Gretchen… but considering the mess down here, I made an exception.
- It was a mess before I got here.
- And it’s time to clean it up. We’re ending this today. Bang and burn.
- General, that was analyzed. What you’re asking for is too dangerous, not to mention next to impossible with the given time frame.
- I remember a substantial wire transfer to an offshore account that took the word “impossible” out of the equation– or tell me, did I hire the wrong person?
high-end 指高端的,一般都是价格昂贵的东西 高档餐厅可以说high-end / upscale restaurant
taste 指品位,鉴赏力 敏锐力,其他感官词也可以用这种用法 比如 You have a good eye for fashion; You have a good ear for foreign languages.
make an exception 破例
next to 大家熟悉的用法指靠近… 这里是另外一个用法 指几乎,简直
wire transfer 电汇
offshore 离岸 其实就是指海外 这个场景里提到的offshore account就是指离岸账户 一般为了逃避追查,在海外特别是一些小岛国开设银行账户,把小金库存放在那里。另外,近几年offshore在商业方面还指把公司某些业务外包(outsource)给海外公司完成
equation 原指数学上的等式 方程式,但是很多情况下你会遇到equation的抽象用法,把很多抽象事物看出具体的等式,比如我们这个情景下的等式就是 我汇钱给你海外账户上,你就应该按照要求完成任务,好比两个情况之间划上了等号,因此将军在说既然之间划上了等号,就不应该出现impossible这回事。所以后来out of the equation可以指不在考虑讨论范围之内,把..排除在外,比如 You need to take religion out of the equation when talking about evolution.
- This was a big mistake, Gretchen. You can’t make a habit of coming to Sona.
- I won’t. Because we’re going with the bang and burn.
- That’s suicide. We have more time.
- My boss wants things to move a bit faster.
- Well, tell him you can’t pull it off. I might get killed if we do this.
- And I might get killed if we don’t. Between you and me, who do you think I care about more?
make a habit of 养成…的习惯  但是这句不宜直译为“你可不能养成来Sona的习惯”可以意译为“你可不能把Sona当成自己的家啊”。
pull it off pull sth off 完成.. 实现… 比如 To tell you the truth, James, I don’t think I can pull it off.
- After your performance yesterday, I have no further sway with the colonel.
- Well, then I’m afraid you’ve brokered your way into an escape plan that no longer exists.
sway 原指摇摆 这里指影响力,控制力 也可以做动词 比如His speech swayed the voters.
broker 原来是名词 指掮客 他人的代理,如在谈判签约、购买或为收佣金而出售时的代理人 做动词则指作为中间人来安排 比如broker an agreement among opposing factions
另外稍微提及一下这个 XXX(某些动词) one’s way这种结构。这种特殊的way结构在英语非常广泛,却很难在汉语里找到对应。比如下面的句子
He belched his way out of the restaurant. 他打着嗝走出了餐厅。
The dog barked his way into the room. 狗咆哮着冲进了屋子。
The car honked its way down the road. 汽车响着喇叭冲下了马路。
在这三个地道英语句子里,做主要动词的belch, bark和honk在汉语翻译时却只能处理成表示状态的X着再去修饰别的动词。状态+动词更为大家熟悉,所以上面三个句子如果给汉语句子翻译成英文,很可能倾向于 The car ran down the road, honking.
- I’m sorry, is this a bad time for you?
- It’s been an intense 24 hours. I have things on my mind.
- Yeah, like your last trip to visitation maybe.
- What, you’re a spy now?
- Forgive me if I’m wrong, but she didn’t really strike me as the girlfriend type.
- She was company.
- After your failed escape, she came to remind me that I have a stake in this, too, which you seem to have forgotten. So forgive me if I don’t jump for joy when you say you’re working on a plan that may very well fail again.
Is this a bad time for you? 地道口语“我来的是不是不是时候?”
have things on my mind have … on one’s mind 挂念,思考,想念…
strike 给人…印象 后接as  比如You don’t strike me as the kind of person I can trust.
stake 原指桩 后引申指personal involvement or interest 比如 Workers must have a stake in the new world economy.
jump for joy 欢欣鼓舞,兴高采烈
- If you keep sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong, I’m gonna make him miss you very, very much. Do you understand what I’m saying to you? Good. You don’t need to worry about this. Now listen very carefully to me, Sofia, and you won’t get hurt. I want you to go home and do your hair and paint your nails and get all ready for when James comes home. You two will live happily ever after.
nose 在英语里被认为是刺探消息,打听别人隐私的象征,因此 Keep your nose out of my business.(不要干涉我的事) 或做动词 nose around looking for opportunities.(到处打听有什么好机会) 或形容词nosy
Do you understand what I’m saying to you? 类似的话还有 Am I making myself clear?
happily ever after 是儿童/童话故事里(比如灰姑娘,白雪公主)最常见的一句结束语——“从此过着幸福的生活”
《越狱》语言文化要点讲解 第3季第9集1.
– what? You ain’t got the guts to do it yourself?
– Hey. This is for you, so shut up before I change my mind. After yesterday, you may be doubting my ability to make good on our agreement. I need to keep you motivated. You have one minute.
ain’t是are not,is not,has not 和 have not 的缩略语,在口语里使用较多,这里是have not缩略
guts 指胆量勇气
make good 实现 =fulfill
– So you tried to catch a flight out of here yesterday?
– I had to do what I had to do.
– Yeah, but you went back on our deal.
– I was saving my own ass.
– I’m sure you’re familiar with the strategy. Now, you watch it. I’m still boss here.
flight在这里是飞行 指搭直升飞机逃跑 不过flight还可以指逃跑 比如make a flight
go back on sth 失信 不守诺言 比如go back on the promise
ass指屁股 英语里有很多和ass搭配的习语 可惜没一个好听的 save one’s ass其实就是save one’s life 只不过感情色彩更强烈 有保小命的意思;其他习语还有kiss one’s ass 最接近汉语的“拍马屁”,不过这个习语有时也用来骂人 “你可以去见鬼了”;另外还有kick one’s ass狠狠揍某人
– See, I’ve been looking close, like I always do. And I know you all would be a lot better off if Sammy were no longer around. Wouldn’t have to worry about his snout poking in your business.
– And you’re suggesting…?
– You and I both know it needs to happen.
– There aren’t many men in Sona who would take out Sammy.
– I have one particular man in mind. A man who owes me. But if I pull through, I’m in the club, guaranteed. You’re gonna see to it.
around这里是形容词 指be alive 活着,Our old dog is no longer around. 另外一个形容词意思是指存在的,现有的 比如TV has been around for decades.
原指习语poke one’s nose into… 探听… 爱管闲事;snout原指猪嘴,也指人的鼻子,只不过对人不尊重,就像把hand手称作paw爪子
have…in mind 想到… What do you have in mind?
pull through成功地突破困苦
in the club字面指加入俱乐部,其实就是说我也要有一份,参与其中。英语还有一个习语叫join the club主要用在不好的情景下说话人表达自己也是如此,不光对方一人。比如A:My wife just checked my email box without my permission. B: well, join the club!
see to 负责,注意
-I have never been here before in my life.
-And you’ve never met any of the men incarcerated here?
-James whistler?
-You know what I’ve been told?
-From prisoners? I can only imagine.
-I’ve been told that you are the mastermind behind a prison escape and that you’ve kidnapped a boy as collateral.
-Really? Am I an alien? Did I shoot JFK?
incarcerate指put into jail, imprison
I can only imagine这组对话特别有意思从字面来看是说我只能想象那些囚犯对你说什么了,其中也就是我们汉语说的“鬼知道他们对你说了什么”
mastermind 总策划人,主谋
collateral 担保物/人
alien 外星人, 有时也叫extraterrestrial 字面意思是地球之外的
JFK John F. Kennedy 肯尼迪总统 美国第三十五任总统 于1963年11月22日在得克萨斯州达拉斯遇刺,官方认定的凶手也被杀,其背后的真相一直未明
《越狱》语言文化要点讲解 第3季第10集
– I felt sorry for the guy, but you don’t chicken-foot an ex-delta force and expect to make it out alive.
– You’re delta force? Like Chuck Norris?
– Norris? He wouldn’t have made it through boot camp.
– I see you’re making friends.
– Hey, once you get the hang of it, this place ain’t so rough.
delta force是美国三角洲特种部队 delta原是希腊字母第四个Δ,长江三角洲是the Yangtze River Delta
Chuck Norris 美国著名电影演员,早年是跆拳道高手,后来在屏幕上塑造了很多硬汉形象,Norris本人参过军,并没有加入过三角洲部队,但出演过一部电影叫Delta Force
boot camp 指新兵训练营
get the hang of sth. 熟悉某物的用法,了解摸清情况 After three weeks of using this computer I think I’ve finally got the hang of it.
People I work for, they don’t like to deal in greenbacks; it’s just too bulky. Cashier’s check payable to cash. Same thing. Half now and half when you’re done. keep your ears open, sugar.
cashier’s check银行本票:由银行从其自己的资金中提取并由该银行出纳员签字的支票
keep one’s ears/eyes open指时刻保持警惕性,多留意身边的话/人/事
– You know, uh, I am a fisherman. I am. I’m just maybe a little bit more connected than I’ve let on.
You know, I run charters, just like I said… I have for years. Then one day, that brunette, Gretchen well, she asked me if I wanted to be exclusive to her corporation, right? And, uh, well, with the money she was offering, I had a pretty good idea she wasn’t just trawling for salmon.
– So you two have history.
– Yeah. And she’s been an absolute nightmare in my life ever since that first job.
connected 这里指与人的影响或地位有关的或关联的 经常和副词一起连用 比如 He is well connected. 名词connection也有关系的意思 比如She used her connections to land a job.
let on 指透露,承认 He wasn’t going to let on that there was any crisis in his family
charter指包(船机车) 这里是名词指包船
exclusive 来自动词exclude排外,exclusive是排外的,唯一的,比如exclusive agreement排他协议,也可以做名词,比如独家报道就是exclusive
– Open it now.
– I don’t have the combination.
– Hey, I’ve got your man out here. If you don’t open the door, he’s the one who’s going to pay the price.
– I need him alive!
– You saw those guys. What do you think they’ve got planned?
– All of you is trying my patience.
combination在这里不是组合的意思,是指保险箱等开启的密码组合;银行卡的密码一般叫PIN number,其中PIN指个人身份号码 (personal identification number);其他情况下的密码口令一般叫做password
pay the price这里是抽象用法,指付出代价
try my patience的try不是尝试做,而是磨炼的意思,这句其实就是说“你们是在考验我的耐心!”因此try的形容词trying是指折磨人的 比如The work is trying to the eyes.另外try还有一些搭配经常在口语里出现,比如
B的这句可以翻译成It’s OK, just try me.
– You know, the other day when you and Lincoln had your little spat in the lobby and you— all distraught and jilted—went across the street to the bar, a cynic might think that was staged. I’m a cynic, sugar.
– You’re high, sugar.
– If it’s any comfort, you guys almost pulled it off. The Puerto Rican and the gorilla—you really had me scrambling there for a minute.
– Hey, if you don’t want my help, fine, I’m out, okay?
– It’s a little thing called a tracing number– on the check I gave you. Apparently your extensive expertise in banking failed you that day. You promptly wired all 25 k to Maricruz Delgado in Chicago at 123 please don’t hurt me lane.
– I swear to God, if something happens to her…
– if what?! What, jackass?!
– You’re going to go back there and you’re going to get me some real information, or Maricruz and her head are going to part ways.
spat 吵架口角
distraught 心烦意乱的,发狂的
jilt 遗弃,抛弃
cynic 愤世嫉俗的人
stage在这里是动词指安排进行 文中是说整个那次酒吧吵架是安排好的 类似的还有The crime scene was staged. 案发现场是被人布置好的 再如stage an invasion进行侵略, stage a strike 举行罢工
if it’s any comfort这种if句型并不同于If you come tomorrow, I will meet you there.本句中的if和主句并无前后条件关系,是用于交流场合中对要出现的话进行评论性铺垫。在本例中,Susan揭穿了Sucre和Linc的把戏,知道Sucre必然慌张无比,于是说if it’s any comfort, you guys almost pulled it off 说点让你心里好受些的话吧,其实你们差点就把我骗了
pull off 成功完成
Puerto Rican和gorilla在这里借指Sucre和Linc,因为一个是说西班牙语的(Puerto Rico波多黎各 位于加勒比海中的美国自治联邦岛),一个是身材魁梧强悍,象大猩猩
in Chicago at 123 please don’t hurt me lane 也是Susan临时造出来的小路名称,是借Sucre的女朋友Maricruz的口吻来说“please don’t hurt me”,说明Susan已经知道Maricruz的下落,可以随时下手。
part在这里是动词指分离,分开,如Even after we parted company, we remained in contact.

《越狱》语言文化要点讲解 第3季第11集
– Let’s just say, by some miracle, we are able to part the dirt sea, Moses. Then what?
– How you plan on getting around the guards’ tower?
– Michael, Mr. Whistler here says that, you know, you got stopped last time by a cloud.
– I’m still working on that.
– I’d like to know if this girl’s gonna put out before I spend any more time buying her drinks!
– I agree, Michael. You know as well as I do what’s riding on this.
– I’d say I know better.
第一句是T-bag说的 这里引用到了《圣经旧约》典故 。《圣经》中的《出埃及记》记载当中希伯莱人的先知和立法者摩西带领在埃及为奴的以色列人逃离埃及到达红海边时,眼见要被埃及追兵赶上,在情况万分危急的关头,摩西用耶和华的手杖指向滔滔红海,使海水分开,显露出一条海底大道助以色列人逃生,当埃及追兵赶到时,海水又复合起来,将埃及军队淹没。在摩西的带领下,以色列人终于逃离埃及,获得自由。这里T-bag是在假设如果神迹出现,土块真的被挖开了,地道也打通了,然后干什么呢?
这句是Bellick说的 Bellick用了一个类比来说明问题。在酒吧喝酒泡妞,你主动献殷勤给女孩买酒喝,当然你醉翁之意不在酒而在和女孩上床(get laid),但喝了一会发现女孩似乎毫无醉倒之意,这时你就很想知道再继续花时间花钱买酒能否达到灌醉女孩的目的,是否值得继续下去。Bellick以此说明如果他不能确信最终能逃出去,那么他也没必要在此浪费时间和精力。
ride on sth 这里指依靠…取决于…
know better (than to do something) 这里指to be wise enough to behave in a more responsible or acceptable way 比如It was a stupid thing to do, and I thought she knew better.
– Sucre, do you know what I do for a living?
– I have a pretty good idea.
– I read people.
– And you, my friend, are a coloring book. I think you left this in my car.
read在这里指看透别人心思想法 蔡琴有一首歌就叫《读你》
coloring book 是小时候涂色本 里面已有人物动物等线条只需用颜色填涂
这两个其实源自习语read sb. like a book 指对某人了如指掌十分熟悉。英语里有不少把人和书扯到一块的习语 比如
说某人是an open book指很容易了解对方的想法和感情Sarah’s an open book, so you’ll know right away if she doesn’t like the present you’ve bought her. 再比如take a leaf out of someone’s book指效仿某人的做法 如I should take a leaf out of Robert’s book and start coming in at ten every morning. Maybe then the boss will notice me! 还有一个大家都熟悉的You can’t judge a book by its cover. 指不可以貌取人或者不可以外观定夺评判事物好坏She doesn’t look very intelligent, but you can’t judge a book by its cover.
另外还有一个曾经在越狱第一季第一集出现过 Monica对在庭审时固执的Scofield说Don’t you understand? You just put the book in that woman’s hand and she’s gonna lob it at you like a grenade. 这里有一个习语是throw the book at sb.指严厉批评或者惩罚某人(这里的book指圣经)It was the fifth time Frank had been arrested for drink-driving, so the judge threw the book at him.
– Hello, Lincoln.
– It’s going down tonight.
– Tonight? Should I be worried?
– I called you first thing. I’m being straight up with you.
– That’s refreshing.
– So I’ll see you tonight. You show me yours and I’ll show you mine.
go down在这里是俚语用法 指to happen
(the) first thing (in the morning) 字面意思是大清早第一件事 其实是说before doing anything else. 比如The first thing tomorrow, you’ll have to cancel our reservations.
straight在这里指诚实的坦诚的a straight answer. straight up往往单独使用 强调所说的话千真万确毫无虚言 比如Straight up, John, I never laid a finger on her.
refreshing 这里指让人耳目一新的 这句相当于我们汉语里表示反讽的“多新鲜啊!”
– You know, I’ve been thinking. It doesn’t have to be every man for himself. You and I can help each other.
– If I need a hand, I’ll find someone with a spare.
– While it’s true I may be lacking something in the west, I more than make up for it in the north.
every man for himself 固定习语 意思很容易看出来了 指各自顾各自,只做对自己有利的事情不愿帮助别人 一般都是接在it’s之后较多 如In the world of politics, it’s every man for himself.
If I need a hand, I’ll find someone with a spare.是语带双关 hand比喻义可以指help; need a hand= need some help; spare指备用品,闲置品比如备用轮胎;当然黑人老大在这里又暗指T-bag少只手,帮不上忙,他自己宁愿找一个双手健全的人
lack这个词的用法要注意 除了名词lack of sth. 也会经常遇到形容词lacking 缺乏的 后面一般接in,如You will not be lacking in support from me.
make up for=compensate for 补偿
– Long time no see.
– Not long enough.
– I was thinking that we could have a little chat in person. Make sure we’re all on the same page about what’s gonna happen tonight.
– All right.
long time no see好久不见 地道的英语哦
I was thinking 注意时态 这种过去进行时是用来表示委婉客气 把自己放在过去似乎显得不是特别突出 这种用法非常普遍 经常用于提意见问问题。比如I was wondering if I could borrow one of your books.
in person亲自
on the same page 习语 意为thinking in a similar way 通常是为了完成某事需要大家想法统一 不能有偏差 在这里Susan是要确保Linc的计划安排和自己所安排好的一致 再比如Louisa said she called the meeting to make sure everybody’s on the same page.
– I was thinking… we should be a team, you know? Not just during the escape, but after. Like, like Butch and Sundance.
– Butch and Sundance died.
– Well,I mean in the other parts.
– Here’s an idea. We go along with Scofield’s plan, and then when everyone stops to take a breath, we grab ‘em, Burroughs, Scofield, Bagwell. We take ‘em back home to face charges. Hell, we’d be heroes. Might even get a book deal. We could write it together, Alex. How’d that be?
– A book deal?
– Yeah.
– Gonna make you happy, Brad?
– You got a better idea?
– Yeah, I do.
– Something to do with a wife and kid?
– Yeah, something like that.
– You got room for one more?
– Come on, Alex. What’s a guy like me gonna do?
Butch and Sundance分别是指美国历史上的西部土匪Butch Cassidy和Sundance Kid. Butch Cassidy是臭名昭著的火车和银行大盗,曾是西部帮派Wild Bunch的领头,他的搭档便是Harry Alonzo Longabaugh 绰号Sundance Kid.两人合作策划执行了多起抢劫盗窃案.不过1908年两人被玻利维亚士兵打死. 1969年导演乔治·罗·希尔(George Roy Hill )根据历史拍摄了电影《虎豹小霸王》(Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) 其中保罗·纽曼(Paul Newman)扮演Butch 而 罗伯特·雷福德(Robert Redford)则扮演Sundance
Bellick本意是要说明自己和Alex要象Butch和Sundance那样成为虎胆兄弟,一起出生入死。结果,Alex也不知有意无意的来了一句“可是他们俩后来翘了呀” Bellick赶忙改口说“呃 我是指除了最后死的其他部分”^_^
go along with指cooperate or to pretend to cooperate
– You got room for one more? – Come on, Alex. What’s a guy like me gonna do?这句简直无敌了 可怜的Bellick求Alex收下他 算他们家的一员 理由很简单:(逃出去以后)象我这种人还能有什么盼头啊?
– And we both ended up in here because of Michael Scofield. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if we could just…return the favor?
– Justice, huh? If there was an ounce of it left in this world… you’d be lying face down in the same unmarked grave as the rest of your inbred family.
– The only difference between me and you, Alex, is a badge, and the last time I checked, you didn’t even have that, so you can just keep on hoping for your happy endings. Alex, you just keep on plowing ahead with them blinders on, you know, but the thing about them blinders is… it makes it really hard to watch your back.
poetic justice指The rewarding of virtue and the punishment of vice, often in an especially appropriate or ironic manner 有点汉语说的“善有善报,恶有恶报”的意思 比如It was poetic justice for the known thief to go to jail for the one crime he didn’t commit.
lie face down 脸朝下躺着 unmarked 无标记的 inbred近亲繁殖的 这里要说明一下 一个是无标记的坟墓自然就是说无名坟头 而脸朝下被埋葬在西方认为此人肯定是下地狱。这句话基本上把T-bag和他家祖宗八代都骂了(又是近亲结婚 个个怪胎 又是不得好死 死后下地狱 连坟头都没有碑 以后也没人知道是谁了) ^_^
last time I checked在以前的讲解里提到过,字面意思上次我核实过,说话人用来提醒对方某一确定的事实,比如Last time I checked, the Earth still revolves around the Sun. 再如Last time I checked, 9/11 happened in America, not Sweden. T-bag听到Alex骂他并不恼怒 而是回敬了一句“其实你我之间唯一的区别就是那枚警徽。而且据我所知,你现在连警徽也没了。”(潜台词:你表面是警察 其实和我一样坏 只不过手上有警徽而已 小样啊 带着警徽就以为自己有模有样了啊!)
happy ending大团圆式的结局
the thing is…固定习语 指this is what must be considered; you must consider this 比如The thing is, my car is being repaired, so how can I get groceries for the weekend?
watch your back固定习语 指to be careful of the people around you, making sure that they do nothing to harm you 比如 It’s a rough neighborhood so watch your back when you’re walking around the streets.注意rough neighborhood就是我们汉语说的“这带治安不好”

 《越狱》语言文化要点讲解 第3季第12集
– Listen, Michael, if you think the company’s just going to let you swap me for your nephew, you’re mistaken.
– Shut up.
– Once they get hold of me, They’re gonna kill all of you, And I don’t want Sofia caught in the crossfire. Listen, just let me go. I’ll contact them, I promise. ‘ll say I’ll turn myself in once I know LJ’s safe.
– Hey, you got no say in what happens to my son! you got it?
– We don’t need a suntan. We need to get lost.
– The military patrols all the roads around the prison.
– You didn’t consider a boat?
– They show up here and we’re ten yards off the shore. We’re target practice. We need to be invisible.
swap交换 swap data/experiences
you’re mistaken 高频句子之一 还可以加一些副词强调比如terribly, woefully
get hold of 抓到得到 还有一个意思指与某人联系交流 比如He said he planned to call Mom this week, so I thought he’d get hold of her sooner or later.
be caught in the crossfire crossfire原指交叉火力:从两个或多个射击位置射出的火线在某一个点相互交叉。这个习语指to be badly affected by a situation where two people or groups are arguing with each other. 比如Children are often caught in the crossfire of arguing parents.父母吵架受到伤害的往往是孩子
turn in someone 指to take or report someone to the police or other authority 检举,自首 比如I would feel very nervous about turning in my neighbors to the police.
say在这里是名词指发言权Citizens have a say in the councils of government.
We don’t need a suntan. We need to get lost suntan就是现在流行的晒太阳把皮肤晒黑 认为这是健康的一种表现 get lost在这里不是迷路 而是指go away  Mahone是在说 我们来沙滩不是晒太阳的,而是准备开溜的 另外get lost在口语还有一个特殊用法 就是在说话人特别厌烦某人或者希望某人离开时会用这个习语 但应该注意这样的语气非常不友好Oh, get lost! I’m not in the mood for your jokes. 电影里镜头 一女孩在酒吧一个人喝酒 男的看见了趁机走过去欲搭讪 结果女的来一句Get lost! ^_^
target practice 打靶子射击练习
– Listen, Linc, you’ve done a great job getting us out of the frying pan, but it’ll be for nothing if we end up back in the fire.
– There’s no fire, just an exchange
for nothing 在英语里有三种意思 分别是1. Free of charge. 比如You can get three books for nothing 再比如 I’m not gonna do this for nothing 没钱我可不干 2. To no avail徒劳 徒然的 即本句的意思 再比如They had gone to a great deal of expense for nothing 3. For no reason 比如 They didn’t call him a gorilla for nothing.他们叫他大猩猩不是没有理由的。It is not for nothing that the president wants to talk to you. 总裁不会平白无故地要找你谈话。
out of the frying pan end up back in the fire源自习语out of the frying pan (into the fire) 字面意思是出了煎锅却入了火坑 意指from a bad situation to an even worse one 比如Many kids who run away from unhappy homes discover they’ve jumped out of the frying pan into the fire when they try to live on their own.
– What is this place?
– Where we’re gonna make the exchange– on our terms.
– There’s a service road out back, just in case we want to get lost.
– Yeah, assuming you’re still alive.
– You still talking?
– Linc?
– Yeah.
– Gotta commend you on that boom box trick.
– Very sophisticated.
– You steal that one from Home Alone?
– You fell for it, bitch.
– All right, listen. if you wanna see your son…
– You’re not calling the shots anymore.
– As long as I have LJ….
– As long as I got Whistler, you’re gonna do exactly what I say. You got it? Now, listen up. We’re at an abandoned warehouse five miles down the road from the barrios interchange. Be there in 20 minutes with my son.
on one’s terms terms原指条款条件 这里是说按照某人规定的要求做事 比如 Our customer will accept our compensation on condition that we have to do it on his terms. 另外terms构成的习语非常多比如 be on good/bad terms with sb.意指friendly/unfriendly with someone or with each other;再如not be on speaking terms with sb.意指to be refusing to talk to someone because you have had an argument and are still angry with them 比如 A: You can always talk to James. He can help. B: well, we are not exactly on speaking terms now.
in case这个短语经常被翻译成万一,这种处理方法不妥。其实in case首先一个意思就是if 举个常见例子 电台观众打电话参与互动节目(call-in) 主持人经常会不断重复参与热线号码 就是考虑到有听众如果之前才打开收音机没听到号码的话还可以继续参与节目 那么在这种情况下主持人会说 In case you just tune in, our guest today is…. and feel free to call 800-XXX-…. 其次,in case还有一个意思指以防万一 这时有两种常见形式 一个是(just)in case 比如Took along an umbrella, just in case.随身带把伞,以防万一。 另一个是in case of 后面需要说明万一什么 很多写字楼大厦的电梯都会写着 In case of fire, do not use the lift.
– There’s a service road out back, just in case we want to get lost.
– Yeah, assuming you’re still alive.
– You still talking?
这里结合上下文和语调you still talking指 Why don’t you just shut up?
gotta是口语常见缩略形式 指got to 俚语必须 commend指称赞表扬 boombox 美国人喜欢说的 就是指录音机 那种由磁带播放机、收音机和能发高音的扬声器组成 由于播放磁带的声音特别大轰隆轰隆的(boom) 得名boombox 曾有一阶段很多开摩托车的年轻人喜欢带着个boom box边开车边放磁带
You steal that one from Home Alone?这句很多字幕组翻译错误 都认为是在家什么的 我估计是因为字幕录制时home alone没大写(经查证的确没有) 所以翻译时未及时看得出来 其实这里应该是大写 指90年代有名的系列电影《小鬼当家》(Home Alone) 里面有童星麦考利(Macaulay Culkin)扮演的Kevin用录像带播放电影桥段的枪声吓跑送匹萨的男孩。
fall for在这里指上当受骗 所以这两句可以翻译为
– 跟《小鬼当家》学的?
– 你还不照样被骗了嘛
call the shots指to make the important decisions 比如The company was more successful when just one or two people were calling the shots. 在英语里big shot/wheel指an important or powerful person in a group or organization. 比如Mr Madison is a big shot in the world of finance.
You got it?(Did you get it?)这句恐怕是英语口语里出现频率极高极高的句子之一 意思随语境而发生变化 常见基本意义如下1.询问对方是否完成该完成的事情 比如记录时询问对方是否记录下来 询问对方是否接到刚才铃声大作的电话等 2. 询问对方是否理解明白说话人的意思意图(也是本文这句的意思)
listen up 光listen还不够 还得up一下 呵呵 有点汉语说的 竖着耳朵给我听着
《越狱》语言文化要点讲解 第3季第13集
– The plan’s shot. She’s already there. All right. So now what?
– It took me two weeks to hook up that warehouse.
– We’ll figure something out.
– I can fix this. That’s what I was trying to do.
这段对话里都是美剧高频词汇短语。shot在影视剧里有两个高频用法,一个是名词shot指attempt, try, opportunity 比如Give me one last shot.还有一个是本句的用法 动词shoot变来 这里的shoot指shoot down指destroy, reject forcefully 比如 The Mercury plan was shot down by the court.
now what?一般用在计划打算失败未果后询问对方下一步该怎么办 大家看片子要特别留意这句的语调和重音 不是简单地把两个单词说出来就行了
hook up在影视剧里也是高频短语 很多用法一般字典上查不到的 一个用法是hook up (with sb) 指to meet someone and spend time together.比如 I was traveling alone, but then I hooked up with another woman about my age.但是这个短语如今发生了点变化,老美用hook up with sb常常暗指两人之间是在date或者have sex而不是纯粹的碰到某人待在一起那么简单。第二个用法hook sb. up with someone 把这人介绍给某人比如 If you want to meet my friend, I can hook you up with him.第三个用法hook sb up with something指to provide that person with some kind of item or service, often of an illegal nature.比如Hey, man, hook me up with some schwag!(schwag俚语指low-grade marijuana),再比如I’m going to the grocery store. Is there anything you’d like me to hook you up with?在本句中Linc的hook up就是指to arrange
figure out常见短语 to discover/to solve Can you figure out a way to help? Let’s figure out this puzzle.
fix 一个指repair,比如I can fix the fax machine for you. 一个指比喻义To correct or set right 即本句Whistler说的意思 另外fix也可以做名词也有同样的意思 比如There is no quick fix to this problem.
– You know, from the first day you started here, I knew there was something off about you. I guess I just know a con when I see one, huh?
– Maybe you’ll get to be employee of the month.
off小词的用法一直让人头痛 这里是形容词 指不正常,古怪,不对劲 比如I’m feeling a bit off.
con这里指convict罪犯囚犯 guess在这里不是猜 其实就是think,这句I guess I just know a con when I see one字面意思是说 是囚犯我一眼就认出来了 可以处理成“是囚犯终究逃不过我的法眼”con还有一个常见用法 指骗子 比如He is a con artist.
employee of the month 指本月最佳员工 再比如《时代》周刊每年都会评选Person of the Year年度风云人物(2007年是普京)
– It’s anarchy in here! We gotta hide!
– I gotta—I gotta help him.
– He’s the most hated person in here. If we start rubbin’ elbows with him again, then we’re gonna…
– he gave me a home!
– He gave me third-degree burns down my back! He can go to hell!
– I owe him this much. You don’t want to help, then don’t. Get outta here! Shoo fly…
– Just a few more steps. It’s only a few more. Then it’s home, sweet home.
– This is my house!
– Easy, now.
anarchy 无政府状态,混乱状态 Bellick在指监狱群龙无首后一片混乱的状态
rub elbows with指to meet or be with someone socially. As Ms Quasebarth’s personal assistant, Celia has rubbed elbows with singers and DJ’s and even presidents.
third-degree burn三度烧伤 烧伤深度分为三级,Ⅰ度、Ⅱ度和Ⅲ度,严重程度递增。
owe 欠(债、恩等) 比如He owes me five dollars. I owe them an apology.新闻里经常听到的打白条就是 issue IOU (I Owe You)
home, sweet home 最早是19世纪的一首歌,流传至今。其实开头一句也非常有名Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.( 金窝银窝不如自己的狗窝) 后来home, sweet home被很多文化形式所用 比如《猫和老鼠》动画片里有一集老鼠窝上面就挂着个牌子写着Home, Sweet Home.
easy高频词 不指容易的,这里指放松的,轻松的,不紧张的 Take it easy! Go easy.    
easy还可以指宽容的,不严格的 比如an easy teacher,
– What did you do back, uh, in the states?
– I-I’m in sort of a transitional period right now. In between jobs.
– Sorry to hear that. yeah, we’ve all been there. I’m sure something will come up before long.
– I’m hoping it’s right around the corner.
transitional period 过渡期,转型期 这里Mahone其实在委婉地说自己暂时没工作,在过渡转型期。
in between jobs in between在…中间 所谓的工作之间其实还是委婉语在说自己暂时没工作
We’ve all been there 这里的there是指代Mahone前面说的那种情况状态 字面意思说“我们都去过那”其实是说“是人都有找不到工作不顺心的时候啊”用来安慰Mahone的 另外,英语里有个习语叫做been there, done that用于当你经历过某事早已厌倦了,或者你对某件事情已经不再新鲜,都有点历尽沧海难为水的感觉时 比如 If your attitude toward Las Vegas is been there, done that, perhaps it’s time to try a different vacation spot. 有时也写作been there, done that, got the T-shirt 比如Our manager promises things will change, but a lot of us have been there, done that, got the T-shirt, so we don’t plan to stick around.
before long 不是long before; before long指soon
around the corner 字面意思在拐角处,后指即将来临发生 比如Lighter and smaller laptops are just around the corner.
– Oh, Teodoro. You’re the last one I’d expect to see at my side.
– I take offense, patron.
– I’ve had many foot-washers. Many men have come in with sheep’s clothing, only to let the wolf come out.
– I am not trying to hurt you. I am trying to save you.
last的用法 不是指最后一个 而是指最不可能的 比如 He is the last person we would have suspected.
offense指冒犯 所谓的take offense就是相当于汉语说的“你说这话真伤人”另外在影视剧里还会接触到一些offense有关的搭配 比如在《辛普森大电影》里有这么一段对话
镇长: No more dumping in the Iake. I hereby declare a state of emergency. Code black.
A: BIack? That’s the worst coIor there is. No offense there, CarI.
Carl: I get it all the time.
A说黑色是最糟糕的颜色。话说完突然意识到身旁坐着一位黑人朋友Carl,赶忙说no offense there就是说 我这话没别的意思,不是冲着你的 Carl的回答也很有意思“没事,这事我经常遇到/我都习惯了”当然回答 no offense最常见的是 none taken(没事 我知道你不是针对我的).
Many men have come in with sheep’s clothing, only to let the wolf come out.源自习语a wolf in sheep’s clothing 这个大家都看得出来了披着羊皮的狼(one who is dangerous while pretending to be harmless)
– I gave her half at Sona. I promised to give her the other half now.
– I know what I said, and we’ll discuss it later. Come on.
– Welcome to the real world. I’m sick of jumping through hoops to keep your princess in a bubble. It is time to go.
-This is between us.
welcome to the real world 欢迎来到现实世界 这句是用来告诉对方要清醒过来认清现实世界就是如此 在这个场景中缺乏社会经验的Sofia傻乎乎地认定既然答应得到人就给另外一半的纸,那么就必须遵守诺言。结果男友Whistler却说我当时是这么说的,这是回头再议,急着要走人。所以Susan嘲讽Sofia说 这就是现实世界 举个例子
A: I met this guy online and we agreed to meet this morning. But when I got there, he was nowhere to be found. B: well, welcome to the real world! (or virtual world! ^_^)
be sick of 厌倦…讨厌…有时写作be sick and tired of
jump through hoops指to do a lot of extra things so you can have or do something you want. 比如The company is jumping through hoops these days to try to please advertisers.
bubble在这里指幻想,不切实际的想法 比如I didn’t want to burst the new volunteers’ bubble.
– I only want what I asked for. Hold on to the rest for a few days. If you were to consider leaving with all that, well… I just want you to know I’d be very cross with you. I’ve been known to have a bit of a temper problem… when betrayed.
– No. A deal’s a deal. You’ve done so much for me. You have my word.
cross在这里是形容词 指生气的 发火的 cross原指十字架形 动词cross可以表示划十字架 比如 He crossed himself and jumped off the building.
a deal is a deal 看似赘言,其实是说交易就是交易,既然达成买卖,就应该履行,不能犯规。类似的还有Boys will be boys. 男孩子嘛都这样!(调皮捣蛋)
have my word word这里指誓言承诺 类似的还有keep one’s word比如He is someone who keeps his word — you can rely on that.
T-bag: Lechero is dead! I come before you now to bury the man… not to praise him, for there is nothing praiseworthy about his rule here. Having one of our own dictate to us? Well, that’s just not the natural order. All cons are equal! I have the last remnants… of Lechero’s cruel empire in my hand. An empire which I willingly participated in and witnessed first-hand. Money… made off of your backs and off the backs of your family! It’s yours. And I’m here to tell you, I’m giving it back.
praiseworthy值得称颂的 -worthy后缀表示值得… 比如newsworthy, creditworthy
dictate这里不是指听写 而是指命令支配控制 独裁者就是dictator
All cons are equal 这句经典了 呵呵 模仿《独立宣言》里的开篇We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal… 记得奥威尔(George Orwell)的政治寓言小说《动物农场》(Animal Farm)里也有一句名言“All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”^_^
remnant剩余物,剩余的 This photo is a remnant of his past glory.
make money off your back这里的off 小词 指from 表示来源 比如What else do you want off me? make money off your back相当于汉语里说的“榨干你们的血汗钱”另外还有一个习语get off one’s back 这里的off指离开,脱离,这个高频习语指No longer harassing or bothering someone 比如I had to sell my house to get the creditors off my back.

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