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    同学都说今天只怕又要下雪的,汗. 中午放学,下起一颗颗的冰籽.到家时就下起了大片大片



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2 25th, 2008 at 19:01

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《越狱》语言文化要点讲解 第3季

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《越狱》语言文化要点讲解 第3季第1集
1. cut it
大使馆职员:If you want someone who can really do something, you’re gonna have to wait for the consul. He gets in in the morning. I’m sorry.
Linc: That ain’t gonna cut it.
Cut it: 这里用在否定结构中,表示Be effective, prove satisfactory,等于cut the mustard, 意为符合要求,让人满意。
用在肯定结构里,cut it指stop,比如I won’t stand for that–cut it!
2. – With the canal, Panama is now a breeding ground for international crime.27 different nationalities we have here. But not one gang. Not one racially-motivated incident. Huh? It’s just, me. Egalitarianism I believe is the word. Huh? Did I get that right?
– Right as rain.
breeding ground指发源地,中心,原词并没有贬义。这里可以翻译成滋生地。有贬义的是hotbed 常指犯罪的温床。
right as rain 十分正确
3. – I got a lot of big guns behind me, Mr. Scofield, people you might like to have in your corner should you ever decide, say, to break out of here.
– Who are you?
– We can assist you in every possible way once you get past that wall. There’s a reason a guy like you, with your skill set, was put in here, you know.
– This conversation’s over.
– You ought to hear what I have to say, Scofield. We’re trying to do this the easy way.
big gun 指有影响力的重要人物。这句可以翻译成“我上头有人”^_^
the easy way 不是指容易 而是指来软招。来硬招叫the hard way。
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2 22nd, 2008 at 19:01

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还是挺好看的. 回来的时候看见个SB,拿着礼花对着变压器放,也不怕着火了,靠了,这人真没




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2 21st, 2008 at 19:00

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