Top 5 tips to become a productive student entrepreneur

“you can only have two out of these three thins in your college life:asocial life,good

grades,and enough sleep.You can’t have all three.”That’s what the guest speaker at

my high school graduation said.Several classmates though these words weregold,but

being the skeptic that i was,i hated the idea of oversimplyfilying my college experience

into just those 3 things. You’re probably the same way if you’re a college entrepreneur.

i’ve proved to myself taht it’s entirely possible to have decent grades, a heathy social

life,run your iwn business,and get ample rest–all during your college years.It look a bit

of trial and error to find a system that works for me,but here are the thins that made

the most differece.

1.Don’t prioritze all your classes equally⊙别在你的全部课程上投入相等的精力.

Face it–some classes will be important while some will seem like a complete waste

of teime.If you find that some of your classes are “too easy” or if you learn more the

textbook than from you teach,you don’t have to spend as much time studying for them

compared to your more challenging classes.If you spend two hours on your advanced

calculus homework,don’t spend the same amout of time on a reading assignment you’re

already encountered in high school. Rank your classes according to importance and

keep this list at hand.

2.Once you’re figured out your school priorities,you can multi-task during the less

important classes⊙确认课程学习的优先顺序后,你可以一心二用.

I was required to take a biology class that covered topics from my 2nd year of high

school.Since i was already familiar whith the subjects,i just copied the notes from the

board and spent the rest of the class the writing articles for my web content business.

If you can work on your business during these types of classes, they’d be a more

productive uses of your time.

3.Identify idle time and use it⊙充分利用闲暇时光.

When we think of time management, we usually think of the time we spend at school,

at home ,or in our dorm room.There’s a lot of time that’s ustally unaccounted for.

Commulting,waiting in line ,sitting on the toilet,standing at the laundromat–there are

several precious munutes of your day that could be put to better use.You can listen

to an educational/entrepreneurial podcast,do your homework,or plan your business

activities for the next week.I always keep a business notebook and my mp3 player

around for this purpos.

4.Automate as much as you can⊙尽可能的实现自动化.

Some tasks are repetitive and menial for these tasks, you need to get an easy

system in place. If you vist a lot of websites and blogs,get an RSS feed reader to get

automatic updates.If you have several personal ande business email accounts,read

them fromone email client such as foxmail or tunderbird so youonly need to look at one

interface.If a program or gadget can do a task faster or simpler,don’t do it yourself.

5.Don’t forget to enjoy your college experience⊙不要忘记享受大学生活.

You need to put a litter variety and fun into the mix,or else you’ll get so busy and

stressed that you’ll have a heart attack before your graduation.Keepyourself occupied

and be prooductive,but always keep a positive vibe.Make sure your schedule includes

ample sleep,parties,and enterainment.\This breaks the monitiny and give you time for

youself.Alfter all, that’s who you’re doing all the work for,Right?

notice:Type this article myself ,maybe have some spelling mistakes,please pardon.

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